“What Hercules Might See”…… continues

The iconic former Hiram Walker / Ballantine’s Distillery Mill Still building may, sadly, now be gone, but my project work must go on…. and I’m excited to be committing more time over the coming months to shooting more parts for the project.

“What Hercules Might See” is a part fictional/part documentary spiritual journey, that considers the metamorphosis of an area of land and the shift in human occupation as a result of industrial evaporation and post-industrial opportunism.

More to follow in the weeks/months ahead…….

Alex Burston, Professional Roller Blader, Unit 23/Disused Gasometer, Dumbarton [15.03.17]


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A Sea Creature Crawls

Before it was towed out to the North Sea this week, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to go back onboard a Drilling Rig, which I worked on in January/February, to take photographs of some of the deck, drilling and service crew. [ Quayside, Cromarty Firth, Scotland, February 2017]


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Promoting Yoga

As a contrast to the physicality and energy of my previous Judo post, here are a few yoga images which formed part of the same commercial shoot for the University of Glasgow Sport.

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