Scottish Portrait Awards 2017

One of my offshore portraits has been selected as a Finalist in The Scottish Portrait Photography Awards 2017. An exhibition of photographs produced by the 30 Finalists will be on show at The Scottish Arts Club, 24 Rutland Square in Edinburgh, from November 7th until December 2nd 2017.

[“Snakes”, Pump-Man, Pit Room, Drilling Rig, Elgin/Franklin Field, Central North Sea (2016)]

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One of the final seascapes that I shot from the Drilling Rig I was assigned to for 2 years has been selected as one of the 30 final FOTOFILMIC17 Travelling Exhibition Images that will be shown in New York, Paris, Vancouver and Thessaloniki in 2018.

Seascape #804 [57°10′N 2°00′E] Elgin/Franklin Field, Central North Sea (August 2016)

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Trail of Noise

A sub-chapter to my extended and ongoing documentary project examining the changing nature of the Oil and Gas Industry in the North Sea, these photographs came about as a consequence of work that I had been doing in the Cromarty Firth, documenting cold/warm stacked Drilling Rigs.

For 3 weeks I had become acutely aware of the fighter jet activity overhead and had been informed by a shipping vessel crewman that there was a bombing range in nearby Inver. I decided to follow the trail of noise. I met Allen at his Timber Services Yard, right next door to the Tain Air Weapons Range. He told me that he had worked offshore for 10 years as a Crane Operator, but when his employer offered a less competitive salary as a result of the downturn in the Industry, he decided to start a new business, onshore, as a sawyer.

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“What Hercules Might See”…… continues

The iconic former Hiram Walker / Ballantine’s Distillery Mill Still building may, sadly, now be gone, but my project work must go on…. and I’m excited to be committing more time over the coming months to shooting more parts for the project.

“What Hercules Might See” is a part fictional/part documentary spiritual journey, that considers the metamorphosis of an area of land and the shift in human occupation as a result of industrial evaporation and post-industrial opportunism.

More to follow in the weeks/months ahead…….

Alex Burston, Professional Roller Blader, Unit 23/Disused Gasometer, Dumbarton [15.03.17]


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