Trail of Noise

A sub-chapter to my extended and ongoing documentary project examining the changing nature of the Oil and Gas Industry in the North Sea, these photographs came about as a consequence of work that I had been doing in the Cromarty Firth, documenting cold/warm stacked Drilling Rigs.

For 3 weeks I had become acutely aware of the fighter jet activity overhead and had been informed by a shipping vessel crewman that there was a bombing range in nearby Inver. I decided to follow the trail of noise. I met Allen at his Timber Services Yard, right next door to the Tain Air Weapons Range. He told me that he had worked offshore for 10 years as a Crane Operator, but when his employer offered a less competitive salary as a result of the downturn in the Industry, he decided to start a new business, onshore, as a sawyer.

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